Julia Fox is everywhere, even TikTok
Julia Fox holding a giant gem at the Uncut Gems premiere.

TikTok's ban on misogyny and misgendering attempts to clean up For You Pages
The TikTok logo on a smartphone and on a red background.

How to turn off comments on TikTok
Screenshots of how to turn comments off on a TikTok video

TikTok keeps recommending live 'simulated sex' videos to users
Person holding a phone in front of a TikTok logo

We need to TikTok about Bruno
examples of this weeks trends

TikTok's Missed Connections: better than Craigslist
Missed connections illustration

10 Olympians to follow on TikTok right now
Scotty James in action.

People online are getting obsessed with ‘Euphoria’ without having seen a single episode
Zendaya and Hunter Schafer sitting on a wall in "Euphoria."

TikTok can't stop naming things
the trends

Dave Jorgenson hits 1,000 WFH TikToks, proves we're stuck in a time loop
A man (Dave Jorgenson, creator of the Washington Post's TikToks) holding a can of Spam up in the air in celebration of Groundhog Day.

The age of TikTok feminism
Images from three separate TikTok accounts

I’m not nosey, but TikTok is
The trends!

TikTok is adding new features to fight antisemitism
The TikTok app is displayed on an Apple iPhone.

It's not a phase. It's an era.
Examples of the era trend.

I could watch people peel raw eggs on TikTok all day
Egg trend.

TikTok's 'West Elm Caleb' saga was never about Caleb
Thumbnails of TikTok videos tagged #westelmcaleb.

TikTok enrolls in 'Euphoria' High
An image of Sydney Sweeney as Cassie in the HBO series 'Euphoria'

Twee talk is all over TikTok
Zooey Deschanel standing with a bike.

How a 47-year-old skateboarding mom breaks stereotypes (with a little help from TikTok)
Oorbee Roy sits on a stone bench next to her child at a skatepark covered in graffiti. She is wearing a yellow shirt and both of them have skateboards by their feet.
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