Elena Cavender

Elena is the culture fellow and resident Gen Z expert at Mashable. She covers TikTok and digital trends. She recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in American History. Email her at [email protected] or follow her @ecaviar_.

By Elena Cavender

Julia Fox is everywhere, even TikTok
Julia Fox holding a giant gem at the Uncut Gems premiere.

Remembering Tumblr's strangest, most formative communities
Illustration of a diver looking for Tumblr gold

We need to TikTok about Bruno
examples of this weeks trends

TikTok's Missed Connections: better than Craigslist
Missed connections illustration

10 Olympians to follow on TikTok right now
Scotty James in action.

How to hide likes on Instagram
illustration of like bubbles

TikTok can't stop naming things
the trends

'Euphoria' is just a meme now
The memed scene.

How to see your 'Least Interacted With' on Instagram
Instagram icon.

I’m not nosey, but TikTok is
The trends!

It's not a phase. It's an era.
Examples of the era trend.

Wordle memes are everywhere

I could watch people peel raw eggs on TikTok all day
Egg trend.

TikTok enrolls in 'Euphoria' High
An image of Sydney Sweeney as Cassie in the HBO series 'Euphoria'

It's time to turn your vintage tech into a fashion statement. And more 2022 trend predictions.
Three people on their phones.

Twee talk is all over TikTok
Zooey Deschanel standing with a bike.

Instagram is currently in its flop era
An illustration of the Instagram logo casting a long shadow.

How to change your camera tools setting on Instagram
Instagram icon.

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